Chingona a Chingona.

Que pacho chingonas?

Honestly I don't know what I'm doing right now. Pero I do know that I had to start writing...again.  Ever since I was a little girl I remember writing stories then poetry and I even tried writing songs.  Then I grew up and I had the constant outside forces telling me what to do and unfortunately I listened.  Well I decided that I'm going to start doing what I enjoyed as a kid and by that I mean things that I now know I was not suppose to stop doing.  Writing is definitely one of those things. It brings me joy and I feel like my thoughts are not just jumbled in my head making me feel crazy at times.  And as a grown ass mujer, se que no estoy sola. So aqui estoy, proof that you can literally just start doing something you want pues porque quieres. Ahorita no se where I'm going with this pero it feels right and that's all that matters.  So if you're reading this...Welcome to Chisme a Toda Madre. 


Con cariño,




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